Classic quantitative studies:

  • Computer Assisted Personal Interviews
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews
  • Pen and Pencil questionnaires
  • Central Location Tests in controlled environments

Online studies

We focus on maximising efficiency. Whenever possible, we recommend conducting Internet based surveys. We conduct:

  • online research panels
  • Real TIme Sampling
  • surveys based on databases provided by our Clients

In cooperation with our partners we have access to online panels with over 100 000 users. We carry out surveys on large, representative samples as well as on smaller samples of participants, representing special characteristics corresponding with the nature of studied products and services.

Qualitative research

  • in controlled environment:
    • focus group interviews
    • individual interviews
    • affinity research
    • encounter groups
    • creative workshop-style researc
    • expert interviews
    • group interviews with Customer as co-moderator
  • In Home Visits (workplace visits etc.)
  • Accompanied Shopping Trips
  • ethnographic observation
  • online studies (forums, diaries, blogs, chats)
  • semiotic analyses
  • desk research
  • Quick & Dirty Research

Combined research methods

In agreement with our vision (smarter research), we often combine various methods, always with one goal in mind: providing applicable results with quality assurance. Therefore we offer:

  • Carrying out small-scale qualitative surveys before starting large quantitative research projects. It allows to discover unexpected reactions of participants that can give the research a whole new angle.
  • Carrying out qualitative surveys after conducting quantitative research. Provisional quantification of data can be made immediately after finishing the qualitative survey.
  • Supplementing results of a quantitative study. Especially interesting aspects may be additionally studied in order to better understand motives and causes of chosen phenomena.