Marketing research

  • brand positioning research
  • marketing communication effectiveness research
  • new services and products development research
  • UX research
  • user experience research
  • U&A and customer segmentation research
  • Mystery Shopper research
  • sponsorships effectiveness evaluation
  • ethnographic research
  • exploratory research
  • creative workshops with consumers and Clients

Customer satisfaction research

  • customer satisfaction research
  • Net Promoter Score research
  • consumer loyalty research
  • reasons for dissatisfaction research
  • audience analysis at fairs and events

Organisational culture and employee satisfaction research

  • employee satisfaction and engagement research
  • organisational culture research
  • research of potential and real mobbing risks/discrimination in companies
  • 360º project management competency research

Research projects for cultural and public institutions 

  • audience research/non-audience research and audience development studies
  • current/prospective audience motivation and expectation surveys
  • audience satisfaction surveys
  • evaluation of exhibition designs and projects (front-end, formative and summative evaluation)
  • evaluation of new educational/public programs efficiency and outcomes
  • analysis and optimisation of statutory activities